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Couples Counselling Surrey

Couples Counselling in Surrey

What is Couples Counselling Surrey?

Close relationships are crucial to living a fulfilling, healthy life. If any conflicts arise, Couples Counselling Surrey can be a life-changing, transformative step toward fixing any issues in a relationship.

Our team utilizes highly effective couples counselling Surrey and therapy treatments to improve and strengthen communication and respect, reduce conflict, restore trust and rediscover the joy and meaning in your relationship.

Using the Gottman Method and similar treatments, we work with couples of all ages, backgrounds, and unique circumstances, giving them a safe space to share their experiences and get to the root cause of any disharmony.

We uncover any negative communication, unmet emotional needs, intimacy, or financial issues, and assist with overcoming relationship trauma.


We start by gaining more background to understand your and your partner’s needs. In our first session, we see both individuals in a relationship together and uncover any distress, such as parenting conflicts, intimacy or communication issues.

Then, we work together to help improve those areas of distress. Both individuals outline what they would like to achieve from couples counselling. If they are unsure of these goals, our team can help determine them with you.

In our second session, we meet with each individual separately and give them a chance to share their experiences and thoughts privately.

In the third session and onwards, both parties resume counselling together. Our team employs Gottman’s Couples Counselling Surrey Training Method, Levels One and Two.

Anger Management can help your relationship Couples Counselling in Surrey
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Forward Mind Counselling is here to help you strengthen your bonds, heal from past traumas, and regain the joy and meaning in your relationship. We work together to identify the areas in your relationship that need attention and help you find new ways of relating to one another.

Our focus is on helping you rebuild trust, communication, and intimacy so that you can move forward in your relationship with a renewed sense of closeness and connection. If you’re struggling in your relationship, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to book a couple counselling Surrey session.