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What our CLIENTS Say

sandhu pcsandhu pc
00:44 12 May 24
I had taken service for my son. After the service he feel really good T hanks Mr Raheel
Manny GManny G
06:20 02 May 24
I Had my Counseling sessions with Raheel. He's Very kind, Caring and knowledgeable Person. He addressed my Concerns with patience and Also provided a Safe and Comfortable space for me to discuss my issues and questions. I'd highly recommend him as a councilor for anyone who wants to make Positive changes in their Life.
Tyler DennisTyler Dennis
06:00 12 Apr 24
Raheel is kind, caring, and compassionate individual whose expertise can be seen right from the start. He is attentive to all matters raised and constantly strives to ensure that you feel comfortable when speaking with him. He strives to help identify any problem that may exist and then help provide solutions and guidance. His knowledge and experience are clear from the moment you speak with him and I cannot recommend him enough.
Maniza SayedManiza Sayed
19:38 29 Mar 24
I'm very satisfied with the uniqueness Counselling with Raheel Jaan , I found him to be very supportive, compassionate and understanding during our sessions.Raheel jaan is a great Counsellor a great listener and very good at providing useful strategies for anxiety and depression as welltoo. I highly recommend him. Mr Raheel was very professional in his manner and also personal in dealing with me. Mr Raheel counselling was very much diferent and heart satisfaction i really appreciated. I would strongly recommend him without hesitationFrom bottom my heart Mr Raheel
Sulakshana GyaSulakshana Gya
17:58 16 Mar 24
My partner and I had a great experience with Raheel, he helped us with pre marriage counseling and individual therapy as well. He really build up the communication aspect between my partner and I. I would highly recommend Raheel for both individual and couple counseling.
Ethi ShahEthi Shah
05:25 09 Mar 24
Dr Raheel has definitely helped me through out my last 4 sessions I feel like I can talk and relate to he’s definitely made expressing myself a lot easier I definitely do recommend his services.
Krit UnmoleKrit Unmole
20:50 02 Mar 24
Very helpful
Muhammad AarifMuhammad Aarif
02:15 02 Mar 24
Raheel helped me in dealing with my ADHD and work stress. I now have a better understanding about ADHD and executive functioning from his knowledge and am better able to cope with the challenges I was having before.
Sukriti GuptaSukriti Gupta
19:56 26 Feb 24
Raheel is the best therapist. I have had 2 sessions so far. And my issues seem to resolve already. I have had therapy in past as well. But not so good compared to him. I would recommend him to everyone.
Mohammad HarisMohammad Haris
20:48 25 Feb 24
Raheel has helped me through our counselling sessions in Hindi with coping strategies for managing my stress and anxiety. He is kind and someone who is very easy to speak with. I am doing much better from his help and highly recommend him!
Jaskaran BaathJaskaran Baath
01:56 28 Jan 24
Raheel provided excellent service. I was in a severe car accident and Raheel's counseling has been instrumental in helping me overcome the trauma. I highly recommend his counseling services to anyone struggling with mental or behavioral health issues..
sandeep dhillonsandeep dhillon
05:42 19 Jan 24
The very first day I went to see Raheel, I knew that we are at the right place. He addressed our concerns with patience. My child has a very positive impact from very first week. Thank you so much for your help 🙏🙏🙏
Saeed ZamanSaeed Zaman
02:28 11 Nov 23
Raheel is one of the most empathetic and qualified counsellors I know. He helped my partner and I to navigate a very rough patch in our relationship. His methods were effective and backed by scientific research. He was also aware of cultural nuances. Highly recommend!
Jonathan PJonathan P
03:50 07 Aug 23
I've started seeing Raheel to address some anxiety issues. He is very easy to talk too and has provided me with some tools to address and help manage anxiety. I am very much looking forward to our further sessions and optimistic about the future.
Vinny ChawlaVinny Chawla
05:03 23 Apr 23
I found speaking with Raheel very beneficial and he put me very much at ease. I feel as though I have clarity now around issues that were causing me anxiety, and more importantly an action plan mapped out.
Baktash SayedBaktash Sayed
01:11 13 Mar 23
I'm very satisfied with the uniqueness Counselling with Raheel Sir , I found him to be very supportive, compassionate and understanding during our sessions. Mr Raheel was very professional in his manner and also personal in dealing with me. Mr Raheel counselling was very much diferent and heart satisfaction i really appreciated. I would strongly recommend him without hesistationFrom bottom my heart Mr RaheelTHANK YOU !
abdul zahidabdul zahid
06:29 27 Jan 23
I had an excellent experience. Raheel made me comfortable talking about some difficult issues. I am glad to have met him. Help me resolve
Talon BeckwithTalon Beckwith
00:49 08 Jan 23
Was very nice and helpful and looking forward to more sessions
mins singhmins singh
18:13 11 Dec 22
Raheel, is a genuine individual. Was a great experience having a discussion with him and leaving the office with clarity, and feeling better. Thanks you so much, highly recommend to anyone looking for help.
shazil cheemashazil cheema
00:12 24 Sep 22
I came to Raheel for my anxiety while driving after an accident I was involved in. He is a great listener and provided me with mulitiple excercises to help me cope with my fears of getting in another accident. I am greatful for his help and would recommend him to anyone dealing with a similar situation.
Family DhesiFamily Dhesi
03:58 22 Sep 22
Raheel helped us with our 4 year old son's anxiety. My husband and I both went to the session and he listened to both our stories and gave advice that we both found useful. He seemed genuine and interested in helping us get through a tough time. I will go back and recommend him to anyone have problems with children.
Allan Rook-GreenAllan Rook-Green
19:40 20 Sep 22
I recently started seeing Raheel. I have had a lot nottled up inside me over the years. He really seems to care about people. I was very uncomfortable talking about myself He is very understanding, and easy to talk to. I know things will get better for me with his help.
Nick S.Nick S.
02:20 14 Aug 22
One of the best experiences I had in my life. I was Anxious and was having binge eating issue. Raheel really helped me in understanding the core of those issues and help in bringing down my anxiety. We all need at some point a person who maintains our privacy and understand us deeply. Raheel is the go to person.Highly recommended ............
Randeep KaurRandeep Kaur
03:23 08 Aug 22
I was struggling with depression and came to see Raheel for counselling. He was very compassionate and made me feel comfortable in having the session in Hindi. Highly recommend.
Ameya DevaleAmeya Devale
21:09 06 Aug 22
I had a great experience with Raheel. He was very patient and he made me feel comfortable and I think our session had at very positive impact on me. He was very good at recognizing the issue and had very good suggestions for me. The solutions he offered were really good. Thank you Forward Mind Councelling!
Iqbal HussainIqbal Hussain
19:19 05 Jul 22
Raheel is a great Counsellor who is compassionate, a great listener and very good at providing useful strategies for anxiety and depression. I highly recommend him.
Taha MuhammadTaha Muhammad
03:46 01 Jul 22
Raheel helped me in coping with my anxiety from my car accident. I now feel more confident in driving. His strategies were quite effective towards my healing.
Pranav ChauhanPranav Chauhan
01:36 12 Jun 22
I am very happy with my experience. Forward Mind Counseling is extremely professional. Raheel made me feel comfortable and I think our session had a significant positive effect on me. If you feel like you need someone to talk to and express your feelings with someone you barely know, a new set of eyes and ears from trained counselor was very beneficial. I would recommend it. Thank you Forward Mind Councelling
Bobby MangatBobby Mangat
22:46 11 Jun 22
A professional and comfortable environment. Coming here has quickly helped me recognize the steps I should take to become the best possible version of myself.
fuut ballerfuut baller
21:49 04 Jun 22
Raheel is a very kind, attentive, and patient listener. He is completely non-judgmental and makes you feel like yourself when you speak to him about your problems. He has helped me open up about OCD and Anxiety and gives thoughtful advice on how to cope with intrusive feelings and thoughts. Would highly recommend
Alistar ZAlistar Z
12:34 17 May 22
Raheel has been great in helping me develop coping strategies for my anxiety and ADHD. He's an empathetic and non-judgemental listener who consistently shows up ready to help. I especially appreciated how flexible he was with our meetings, and made sure to take into consideration my schedule.
N ToorN Toor
02:52 12 May 22
Raheel is a great listener and easy to talk to. Was a great experience as he is helpful and patient.I recommend him.
Mel CMel C
02:23 02 May 22
Raheel has been instrumental in helping me with my trauma and anxiety from a MVA. I'm finally making progress and I owe that progress to Raheel's support, encouragement and skills. He is very patient, kind and understanding, which is invaluable when working through trauma and anxiety.Raheel is professional yet compassionate. His variety of knowledge is obvious and most beneficial when figuring out what might work for me. Thank you Raheel
Parminder SandhuParminder Sandhu
19:39 30 Apr 22
Raheel provided a safe and comfortable space for me to discuss my concerns. Raheel is kind, compassionate and genuinely wants to help. I would highly recommend him as a councillor for anyone looking to better understand themselves and make positive changes in their life.
hardeep sidhuhardeep sidhu
03:14 22 Apr 22
I recently had the pleasure of seeing Raheel for couples therapy. His approach is very welcoming and warm, and he truly demonstrated his vast skill set which will help both my partner and I understand each other better. After the first session, I can say I felt heard and supported in making positive changes in my life.I would highly recommend Raheel!One of the best counsellor I've been to.
tyler laturnustyler laturnus
02:45 18 Apr 22
Raheel has been a fantastic resource for helping my teenage son to cope with his anxiety and depression. We have been seeing him off and on for several years and highly recommend his services.
Hossein MohammadipourHossein Mohammadipour
05:51 15 Apr 22
Three months ago I started counselling with Raheel who helped me learn how to overcome my anger problems. I used to struggle in controlling my anger and as a result my wife was mad at me for years. Fortunately, I found Raheel before it was too late which made a big difference for the better in my life and marriage. Through counselling with Raheel I learned how to be aware of my triggers and reframe my negative thoughts into realistic thoughts and strategies to help me deal with my anger more effectively than before. I also learned ways to communicate more effectively with my wife when there is conflict. Raheel is a great listener, is non-judgmental and compassionate. I would recommend him to anybody who wants to make a difference in their life. He truly cares about people he helps.
Nicole SampsonNicole Sampson
04:08 12 Apr 22
Raheel has been a wonderful help with my ADHD and anxiety. He provides a non-judgmental, open space for me to express myself and dig deep to find the root of my problems and work through it. He has a massive toolbox of strategies, coping methods or other tools to help me work through each situation. I have struggled with ADHD symptoms for a long time and now I am finally able to work through different difficult scenarios with him and I am noticing progress in myself. I definitely recommend him, especially if you have ADHD!
Rashid RashidRashid Rashid
04:07 03 Apr 22
I highly recommend Raheel as a counsellor! He helped me in dealing with my anxiety and depression as a result of my motor vehicle accident. He provided me with some great strategies to cope and helped me in feeling more confident in being able to drive again.