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We have many counsellors spread throughout British Columbia in order to provide the best possible service. Our main offices are located in Langley, but we also offer online counselling BC services for those who are not able to come into our office. This is because we know that sometimes it’s difficult or even impossible to leave your home or workplace. Regardless of where you are located within Canada, if you need help then reach out and contact us today.

Regardless of location, you can still find the right Counsellor for you. If interested, please contact us to be connected with one of our online counselling BC experts.

What are online Counselling BC Services?

Online Counselling BC is a type of counselling done over the internet or phone. There are fewer restrictions in terms of pricing and location, making it more accessible to people who do not live near a major city. Consequently, anyone can receive quality counselling services regardless of where they reside.

Online counselling BC is perfect for those who need professional help but cannot (or don’t want to) attend regular, face-to-face sessions. Many patients use online counselling as a supplement to their usual therapy; it comes in handy during emergencies or when the person’s schedule is too cramped to allow for a drive out to see their counsellor.

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Advantages Of Online Counselling

Online counselling BC services allow you to receive therapy from the comfort of your own home and can be more affordable than in-person sessions. It also offers greater flexibility, anonymity, and convenience. 

  • Accessibility – While not every town or city boasts an extensive selection of counsellors, that does not mean the residents do not need or deserve high-quality mental health services. Online counselling BC provides you with access to a multitude of counsellors, no matter your location. It is also great for people who cannot fit a face-to-face appointment into their busy schedules. With online counselling, you have the alternative option of receiving help from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Convenience – Online counselling BC offers the advantage of BC from home, which also affords a sense of anonymity. And because you’re not visiting an office, you eliminate the risk of running into anyone you know. People usually feel more comfortable sharing in their homes since its familiar and reassuring atmosphere makes it easier to open up with online counselling than in-person sessions where surroundings are less controlled.
  • Affordable – Online counselling BC is not only cheaper than traditional methods, but it’s also more convenient. You don’t have to waste time travelling or finding parking, and you can go right back to work after your session. With online counselling, you’ll save both time and money.
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History Of Distance Counselling

Tele-Counselling, which started over 35 years ago, has seen a major shift with the recent advances in video-conferencing technologies. Where it used to be done only over the phone, it has now evolved into something much better that helps people all across the globe.

At Forward Mind Counselling, we are passionate about online counselling and are always happy to help our clients in BC. If you want to learn more or book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Forward Mind Counselling is here for you. If this is your first time considering online counselling, or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help and we have a team of wonderful professionals that will make sure you’re taken care of – no matter where in British Columbia you are.

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